The more speedpaints I watch, the more I am convinced that art is magic: A few thoughts on speedpainting videos

The more speedpaints I watch, the more I am convinced that art is magic.

One of my favorite things to do when I have some downtime is to watch speedpaint videos.  It’s always amazing to see how other artists work Speedpaints are magical: In a few minutes you can see a picture evolve from blank canvas to beautiful, fully-rendered image.  It’s so magical, in fact, that you almost have to wonder what pixie dust they’re using. . . .  😉

By Hyanna Natsu.

To learn from a master, one does not ask for explanations. One must steal their secrets.

The biggest appeal to a beginning artist is that maybe they can learn something from watching speedpaints by their favorite artists.  I always think, “Maybe I can steal a few tricks here and there 😈.”  Of course, the 10x speed and the fact that many speedpaints lack step-by-step explanations make that a little more difficult – but it’s not impossible, is it?  Surely, it must be possible to decipher the dance of brush and color, and come away more enlightened than when the video began. But where I am right now, all I can do is marvel at the confidence and beauty of each video.

By Shilin Huang. Check out her webcomic, Carciphona!

Once again, the dance commences, different each time and just as magical.

With these thoughts in mind, I pull up yet another speedpaint on Youtube and settle in for the show.  Under my delighted gaze, another picture comes to life. . . pulled into being with only the will of the artist to thank.  And even if I already know the brand of pixie dust (it’s called “Dedication”) and can find the answers to my questions among the hundreds of tutorials on the web, there will always be a special place in my heart for speedpaints.  I am grateful that there are so many artists willing to share their process, their techniques, their secrets with the world. . . willing to make the magic come alive.

By Johanna Tarkela aka Lhuin


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