Digital Painting: Falling (finished!) + Thoughts on Improvement

"Falling" - An Alice in Wonderland-inspired digital painting by Studio Luminessa's River. Postcard size version.
"Falling" - An Alice in Wonderland-inspired digital painting by Studio Luminessa's River. Postcard size version.
Last night I had a strange dream. Wearing my favorite dress, I was falling through the air. Was it to Wonderland or. . . ?

Today I am happy to share with you the final version of “Falling”!  It took a bit of work, but I think I finally managed to get the dream-like atmosphere I was aiming for.  \(^o^)/


  • Time: ~20 hours
  • Materials: GIMP 2.8, Wacom Intuos 3

“Falling” is definitely inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but personally, I don’t think the girl in the picture is Alice herself.  Perhaps Alice in Wonderland was one of her favorite childhood books. Perhaps she’s always longed to go to Wonderland.  Perhaps that’s why she looks so calm. What do you think?

If you asked me if I’m happy with “Falling,” I would have to say yes – and no.  In many ways, “Falling” represents the current level of my digital painting abilities.  It was also an experiment and a challenge: Different style, focus on shading, and the sheer number of objects to paint gave room to explore and hone my skills.  I’m quite proud of how much I progressed just in the painting of this piece.  Yet at the same time, I felt myself bumping up against the upper limit of my skills.  It was a delight to paint, and yet frustrating at the same time.

At some point, though, you just have to say: “It’s done now.”  No, it isn’t perfect.  Yes, I’m sure with more time/energy/practice it would be more polished.  But I feel that right now, this is the best I can do with this piece.  So rather than going over it again and again and again, or putting it away where it will be forgotten, I’d like to share it with you. 🙂

So, yes, I’m happy with “Falling.” Happy and proud both. And no, I’m not.   But I will take everything that I’ve learned in the hours that made this piece and use them on the next piece, and the next.  No painting, no matter how dissatisfied I am with it, is useless.  Each one takes me closer to my dream.  Hopefully I can just remember that. . . 😛

How about you? Are you a perfectionist?  How do you decide when a piece is “done”?  Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Digital Painting: Falling (finished!) + Thoughts on Improvement

  1. Love the picture! Especially all the little details, like the frills of her dress, or the candles on the cake… and whilst she looks very calm to be falling, I don’t the teddybear is so sure about things!

    I understand what you mean about “perfectionism”… as people who ‘create’ we become our own worst critics, we see the flaws others wont, the bits that ‘could be better’ that others wont notice. I think you stopped and finished at the right time. It’s a really beautiful piece of work, you should be proud 🙂


    1. Thank you Shaun! 🙂

      You really hit the nail on the head there! It doesn’t matter what others see, a creator will always see the places where things didn’t work out exactly the way they should have. On the one hand, that feeling helps us continue to improve, but on the other, it can bog us down with thoughts of ‘not good enough’. The trick is finding a balance. . . though it’s difficult. :’)

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      1. Balance is good in all things 🙂 But definitely hard to achieve! Just don’t hold yourself back, keep improving where you feel you need to, but don’t get so bogged down in ‘not good enough’. This picture already shows you’re good enough 😀

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  2. Absolutely exquisite – I love everything about it, from the gorgeous dress she’s wearing to #hairgoals, haha. I totally get what you mean about perfectionism, too – it’s so much easier to be hard on ourselves, but even failed projects are a learning experience! Nicely put. And this piece is just gorgeous, you should be extremely proud; thank you for sharing! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Claire! 😀 And you’re right, even failed projects teach us something – so they really aren’t failures, are they? XD


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