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Pencil Sketch: The Queen of May

The Queen of May Sketch - Small Version - by River on Strike A Spark

Since GIMP and/or my tablet drivers and/or my laptop in general have been making it difficult to paint digitally, lately I’ve been doing a lot of pencil sketches! Today’s piece, “The Queen of May,” was inspired by all the flowers in bloom – the apple blossoms and lilies a few weeks ago, and the daisies wildflowers which have just burst out.  It’s so refreshing to see all the color and hear the birds singing whenever I go outside. (✿´‿`)

The watercolor paper I’ve been using is such a joy to work on – I like the smooth paper in my sketchbook, but the textured Strathmore paper holds pencil so well and gives an interesting effect even to quick sketches.  It’s so much fun, that the hour I spent sketching seemed to go by in the wink of an eye.  It should be fun to paint, too – but I think I want to practice with watercolors some more before I try it. . . .


  • Time: 1 hour
  • Materials: Strathmore 300 gram watercolor paper, 0.7 mechanical pencil

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