Draw Everything June II: Week 1

DEJ2 Day 2: Practice - SMALL version by River on Strike A Spark

For the month of June, I’ve found a new challenge: Draw Everything June!  Run by Sailor Sakky on deviantART, Draw Everything June is a figure-drawing challenge with a new reference photo posted every weekday (so at least weekends are off – phew!).  I’ve decided to do this challenge as a daily warm-up, which means it’s perfect for pencil sketches! XD

To keep organized, I’ll be posting my sketches for Draw Everything June once a week – probaben ly Friday or Saturday.  Other content (paintings, WIPs, essays, & project updates) will continue being posted as well.

Here’s the first week!  A bit short because there’s only been two weekdays in June so far.  Presenting Annalia Goldburn:

DEJ2 Day 1: Recruit - SMALL version by River on Strike A Spark
Day 1: Recruit
Nice to meet you. . . . I’m Annalia Goldburn. . . I hope we can get along. . . .

DEJ2 Day 2: Practice - SMALL version by River on Strike A SparkDay 2: PracticeEven the simple spells are a lot of fun!

For my own amusement, I’ve decided to follow Annalia’s adventures for the duration of the challenge.  So it will be a challenge of consistency as well as figure drawing!  😀

See you with Part 2 later this week!



2 thoughts on “Draw Everything June II: Week 1

  1. This is an awesome idea and a fun way to keep on going! I am looking forward. You showed off her kind and sweet site so well. Your drawings are so sweet and inspiring, the poses you come up with are so cute and vertisile, adore it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! (^/////^) Senshi Stock’s site really is amazing, she posts new poses every few days and she already has so many useful ones! 😀


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