Draw Everything June 2: Week 3 Roundup

DEJ2 Day 8: Twilight Repose by River
 Today wraps up the third week of Draw Everything June!  Run by Sailor Sakky on deviantART, Draw Everything June is a figure-drawing challenge with a new reference photo posted every weekday.  You can read the rules here: Draw Everything June 2: 2017 Edition.  There were some ups and downs for me this week – some poses were really difficult! – but overall I think my time is improving and I’m becoming more comfortable working from reference photos. ^^


DEJ2 Day 12: Relax by River.
After training, it’s nice to relax a little!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks’ sketches!  See you next week for the fourth installment of this series!


6 thoughts on “Draw Everything June 2: Week 3 Roundup

    1. Thank you Rachel! 😀 Sakky said she’s working hard to make this year’s challenge “interesting,” so I’m a little worried about this week’s poses, haha! You’re right, a little challenge does help us improve. Thanks for the kind words dear! ❤


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