Watercolor Galaxies

The landscape I posted last week isn’t the only watercolor practice I’ve been doing. . . I’ve also enjoyed making these galaxies.  They were originally inspired by this tutorial on Youtube:

Unfortunately, this method didn’t work for me exactly.  My paints are less pigmented and have a smaller variety of color – so, for example, I couldn’t use the deep indigo as shown in the tutorial.  I also don’t have any masking fluid.  Nevertheless, Cloud and I developed a new method that layers colors and creates stars through splattering opaque white watercolor paint.  Though this method cannot achieve the intensity as shown in the tutorial – or many other galaxy paintings seen online – I’m very happy with how these turned out.  (^__^)

By the by: I’m thinking of photographing the next galaxy I paint step-by-step and making a tutorial.  Would you be interested in this?  Let me know! 😀


3 thoughts on “Watercolor Galaxies

    1. Thank you! 😊

      Great, then I’ll definitely do a tutorial! Probably sometime in the next couple of weeks. These galaxies are very easy to do and look awesome – exactly the type of technique I love – so I’m excited to share! 😀


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