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Draw Everything June 2: Final Week

Welcome back!  This week ws the final week of Draw Everything June II. Run by Sailor Sakky on deviantART, Draw Everything June is a figure-drawing challenge with a new reference photo posted every weekday.  You can read the rules here: Draw Everything June 2: 2017 Edition.

I’m very pleased with the progress I made over the month – looking back at the first few days, even drawing from reference the poses seem more awkward.  Now I feel more comfortable with reference photos and with using a (slightly) more realistic style.  Mission success! \(^o^)/  But I’m also a little sad it’s over.  Well, there’s next year’s challenge to look forward to!

Here were the last five drawings from the challenge.  Enjoy!

DEJ2 Day 18 Obstinate

“. . . No.”

DEJ2 Day 19 Catch Me

Thought I was falling, but then you caught me.

DEJ2 Day 20 Dance of the Tiger

Lithe grace, aloof beauty, quiet deadliness. . . this is the Dance of the Tiger.

DEJ2 Day 20 Sensei

A kick is just a kick.

DEJ2 Day 22 Dance

Time to dance the night away!

And with that, we are officially done!  Thanks for joining me this month as I attempted Draw Everything June 2!

Now I’m going to try to take a breather from daily challenges. . . at least until Sketchtember rolls around. XD  Until then, I have some paintings I want to finish and a couple of other fun posts to work on.  So see you next week!



4 thoughts on “Draw Everything June 2: Final Week

  1. I also think you can learn a lot from reference pictures especially for the posing. I’m happy to hear you feel more comfident about drawing different poses, so this was a success, besindes all the lovely pictures!! high five ^__^

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    • High five! XD Thanks for the kind words!
      Yeah, posing is difficult – especially foreshortening!- so working from reference really helps. One upside of the challenge is that I also spent some time going through Senshi Stock’s gallery, so now I have a good idea of poses I can use in the future. Makes me want to draw more! XD


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