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Heiress (Digital Painting WIP)

Work-in-progress digital fantasy portait of an elf lady.

I meant to post this earlier and forgot! Haha.  This piece, “Heiress,” evolved slowly from a warm-up sketch, and I’ve been working on it whenever I want to – instead of for a deadline.  It’s very relaxing. 🙂

This screencap is from the lighting check.  I painted it in black and white first to get a good grasp of the values.  I like using this method because I have trouble with lighting, but placing colors on top of grayscale is a struggle. :’)  Even if the colors look good in the end, they aren’t exactly what I envisioned at the start.  Flatting with colors fixes that problem. . . but then I struggle with getting the lighting right.  A conundrum! LOL


3 thoughts on “Heiress (Digital Painting WIP)

    • It’s such a big problem! 😡 I haven’t had a chance to work on “Heiress” since this was screencaptured, so I’m looking forward to working on it some more tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words and the good wishes! We’ll see how it turns out. XD

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