Heiress – Progress

Work-in-progress image of "Heiress."

Work-in-progress image of "Heiress."

Since I posted the grayscale version of “Heiress” last week, I thought it would be nice to show you how far I’ve come with the colors!

I think I mentioned before what a struggle it is to color over a grayscale layer.  As you might expect, the grays make whatever color you paint over them more muddy-looking and dull.  Luckily, I recieved some advice from zagiir, an artist on deviantART who has painted dragons using this technique.  zagiir suggested I use an overlay layer filled with a warm, saturated color to help bring life and vibrancy back to the painting.  And it worked!  I used a nice apricot color over all the other layers, and now the colors POP.  It does affect how the colors interact and look on the painting, but after some adjustment, I think I’m happy with the basic colors now.  (Even if they aren’t what I originally intended.)  I also added some blue undertones to the shadows to make them more realistic-looking.  That helped a lot too!

After this, there’s still some work that needs to be done before I can say that “Heiress” is finished.  Mostly, I need to blend the colors and adjust the lighting in some places.  There are also a few small details that are bugging me that I didn’t notice when I first painted it.  Luckily the hard part is over, and now it’s the fun part: Polishing until I’m satisfied!


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