Superhero (Sketch)

Grayscale sketch of a girl in a cloak.

Grayscale sketch of a girl in a cloak.

Playing in GIMP again.  This sketch took around ~30 minutes (threw a couple attempts away first, haha).

I like working in blue first for the sketch, even in digital art.  Added some quick grayscale shading to check lighting/values. I intended this to be a fantasy piece, but it looks more like a panel from a superhero comic now! XD

If I continue painting this piece, what do you think the colors of her dress and cloak should be?  I was thinking black & red, but I’m already using those for the Onyx and Sardonyx piece, so hm.  Any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “Superhero (Sketch)

  1. Really love this sketch! There’s so much Character just here… I want to know what her powers would be! I kind of see her in a black cloak with red hair, but why not completely flip it on its head and make it a white cloak, and darker hair?

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      1. She looks pretty mystical, so I could see her having something to do with Fate and/or Time… Perhaps one colour scheme could be one and one the other? Two halves of the same Heroine?! Now that’s getting interesting…

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      2. That’s a cool idea! Two color schemes — two versions of the same character — ooh, and maybe she could have hetero-chromatic eyes too. XD

        The big question is, why does she have two halves? Is it that she has a regular + powered up form? Past and future forms? Or from parallel universes? What do you think?

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      3. I think it would depend on her powers! If she has power to manipulate Time and Fate, that could be enough to split someone into different forms… Perhaps she changed something that wasn’t meant to be changed, and caused a split reality, or for her to split herself… The possibilities are endless really 😀

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      4. These are all great ideas! And of course, they set up a great source of conflict right from the start. Did she tamper with the future? Now she has to deal with the undesired consequences. Did she split herself? Now each side isn’t a “whole” person, and she’ll have to find a way to put herself together.
        Sounds like you’ve got a great story brewing in there. If you’d like to write it, I’d love to read it! XD

        On another note: Wow, this sketch was just a warm-up, almost a throwaway, and yet we had such a great discussion. I debated posting it, and now I’m really glad I did! Just goes to show that you never really know in advance what impact your work will have.

        (Sorry for the late response. . . got called away before and only just remembered that I hadn’t hit “send”. Oops!)

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      5. Haha, maybe I will! It certainly makes for a good writing prompt 🙂

        It makes you wonder what some of your other ‘throwaway’ sketchs could lead to, and makes you think about how big an impact an old draft can have! I sometimes find inspiration by looking at my old drafts, things I have basically thrown out, and pulling old ideas out from them… Keep posting your work, I love it 😀

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      6. Let me know if you do! I’d love to read it! 😀

        Yeah, it really does make one think! Old drafts – and sketches – hold a wealth of ideas. It’s lovely to think that even if those ideas didn’t pan out the first time, they can reborn anew into a beautiful new piece of work. 🙂

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