Someday: A Poem

Someday: A Poem by River. Image made with Canva.

Someday: A Poem by River.  Image made with Canva.

Someday, the things that are magic now

will be just accepted facts.

More pieces of cold hard reality

just there


like the refrigerator and the washer and the dryer.


(Things I use every day

I’ve stopped seeing them, hearing them

but they were once magic to me, too.

I wonder if they are still magic to you?)


Someday, those eyes sparkling with wonder

will stop looking for places unexplored,

will only see the work to do today and tomorrow and tomorrow.


dimly lit

like the office worker’s and the cashier’s and the teacher’s.


(Once-upon-a-time happened so long ago

I’ve almost forgotten how it goes.

The magic was banished in favor of

a future the same for all of us.)


They say that someday comes to everyone.

I hope it never comes for you.

~ ~ ~

via Daily Prompt: Someday

And special thanks to Cloud for helping me iron out a few spots!


5 thoughts on “Someday: A Poem

  1. It is so wonderful, dear River! Lovely and malancholic aswell – something bitter sweet! Makes me want to appreciate the things I have more and to remember the magic! 🙂 Thank you for this sweet poem.

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