Shade of a problem

I don’t really know what to write

and that, itself, is not so much a problem

only the shade of a problem.


The problem is thinking “I don’t know what to write”

and then not writing –

only thinking about not writing

and not, actually, writing.


Oh dear –

what a muddle of thoughts

a tangle, a jumble

sluggishly lumbering, encumbering thoughts

echoing ’round and ’round

till there is no way out –


and each points the way back,

a signpost in the dark,

to this one thought, the original thought:

“I don’t know –”


and here is the problem,

which is actually only the shade of a problem,

because the problem lies not in knowing

but in doing.



6 thoughts on “Shade of a problem

    1. Thank you, Nadine! ❀️ This comment means a lot coming from you because your honest and authentic posts always inspire me to work through the muddling phase of writing. Hope your NaNo adventure is continuing well!

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      1. Thanks a lot River, you’re very kind to say that… as for NaNo, in a bit of a muddle tbh! But sure it’ll work itself out. and as you say, “because the problem lies not in knowing / but in doing.” So I need to get doing ;)))

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      2. Hi again River… you left me such a lovely comment before, and I answered it in such muddle. What a gorgeous thing to say… thank you… it means a lot. I hope you will still write. I love your process posts as well.

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      3. Thank you, Nadine, that is so nice of you to say. It brightened my day. ❀️ Hope you are staying safe and well!
        I am still muddling along. Sometimes seems like nothing much to show for it, but one day “something” will emerge. I will do my best.

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      4. Thanks so much, River. Likewise for your comment, to see it just now. 😊❀️ Same, same for me. Muddling on. Doing our best. That’s all we can do. :))) xoxoxo

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