An underwater scene of a mermaid holding an aquamarine gemstone.


Hi, I’m River

Hello and nice to meet you!  I’m River.

I am a self-taught writer and artist.  I love creative work and hope to make it my living!  Currently, I’m working on the project Rondo of the Rising Sun with my best friend Cloud, as well as other projects.

Strike A Spark is my sanctuary, the place where I can share my projects and my thoughts as I continue my search for inspiration.  I post a couple of times a week with project updates, essays and short stories, and random musings.

So welcome to Strike A Spark!  I hope you enjoy your stay.

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Why “Strike A Spark?”

That moment when you see something vividly. . . that moment when you suddenly know the solution to that knotted problem. . . that flash of inspiration that drives you to create.

These moments may be only little sparks of inspiration, yet they are what drive us forward as artists, as storytellers, and as innovators.  And just like the spark of a match, one must nurture and feed those sparks to bring them to flame.

I named my blog “Strike A Spark” because just as a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, the journey of a creator may start with a single spark of inspiration.  But I am not content to wait around for these sparks to appear: I want to find them – to strike them, if you will.

That is my mission. . . and I choose to accept.