An underwater scene of a mermaid holding an aquamarine gemstone.

Hello!Hello and nice to meet you!  I’m River.

My mission is to entertain and inspire you to make the things that bring you joy.

Creativity is an essential part of the human experience.  Whether you call it arts or crafts, whether you choose to write, draw, sculpt, bake, construct, design, or decorate, choosing to express our joys and sorrows through creative work is a beautiful way to add richness to our lives and communities.

Strike A Spark is my sanctuary, the place where I can share my projects and my thoughts as I continue my search for inspiration.  Here I record my journey as a maker-of-things and share what I’ve learned along the way.

So allow me to say: Welcome to Strike A Spark!  Grab a cup of your favorite tea (coffee is good too), pull up a comfy chair, and enjoy.

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