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An underwater scene of a mermaid holding an aquamarine gemstone.Hi, I’m River. Welcome to Strike A Spark, my home on the web.

White Noise Sketch watermarkedI’m a self-employed writer with a procrastination problem and artist with a perspective point problem. I try not to let either of those problems get in the way too much.  After all, I can only improve from here!

My biggest goal in life is to finish my book, a YA/children’s fantasy novel about multiple dimensions and magic.  My other biggest goal is to launch a webcomic with Cloud. Whenever procrastination strikes, I’m either writing blog posts or doing “research” on the Web.  Mostly the Web.

Besides writing and digital art, my hobbies are crocheting, watching anime, and playing videogames.  I’m also obsessed with transmedia (it’s the future of storytelling!).

In the Archives

Spring WIP watermarked version

Spring WIP watermarked version

Strike A Spark began as a book review blog waaay back in 2009!  The focus was to for me to share the inspiring (and not-so-inspiring) YA books I was reading with other avid readers.  I wrote almost a hundred reviews before the focus changed to sharing my art and stories.  Since then, I’ve debated whether I should take the reviews down. . . however, as people still seem to find them useful, I’ve left them up.  If you find yourself ranging that far back, I hope you enjoy them!

Fun Facts

  • My wallet has been abducted by the ball-jointed doll hobby!  You can read all about it on A Midnight Sonata.
  • I was one of the first to join the Bunny Drop Project, which was founded by my friend Danny.  Crocheted bunnies ftw!
  • I was so terrified of writing an About page that I put it off for five years.  Yikes.

Find MFox n Mouse Sketch Watermark versione Here