Summertime Portraits

Summertime Cloud - a painting by River of Studio Luminessa.

I’ve been collecting professional artists’ markers for a while, but I’ve always been a little nervous to use them.  Unlike digital art, traditional work – with paints, with pens, with markers – has no “undo” button.  Yes, there are techniques to cover and incorporate mistakes; still, it is nerve-wracking for an artist who grew up with the safety net of CTRL+Z.  So while I sketched these portraits in June, they remained only sketches while I thought about what to do with them.  Leaving them as a sketch was no good, of course, so with a little nudging from Cloud, I finally sat down to ink and paint them last week.  And if I messed up horribly, I could always re-do them digitally, after all. . . .

Luckily, I did not mess up horribly, so here they are!
Summertime River - a painting by River of Studio Luminessa.
Summertime Cloud - a painting by River of Studio Luminessa.

The markers were a mix of Promarkers and ShinHan Touch markers (both alcohol-based) and a single pink Aquamarker (water-based).  I found that the Promarkers and Touch markers blended quite nicely, and the Aquamarker layered nicely after the alcohol layer dried thoroughly.  My Sakura Gelly Roll pen provided highlights – a real life-saver when you accidentally color over, say, the whites of the eyes, haha!


Time: 22 hours for both

Materials: mechanical pencil, Prismacolor Premier .05 pen, ShinHan Touch markers, Promarkers, Aquamarkers, Sakura Gelly Roll (white)


Digital Painting “Heiress” – Finished!

"Heiress" by River - watermarked version.
"Heiress" by River - watermarked version.
For her seventh birthday, they had her sit for a portrait, that their people might see their future queen.

After weeks of work, “Heiress” is finally finished!  ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~

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Heiress (Digital Painting WIP)

Work-in-progress digital fantasy portait of an elf lady.

Work-in-progress digital fantasy portait of an elf lady.

I meant to post this earlier and forgot! Haha.  This piece, “Heiress,” evolved slowly from a warm-up sketch, and I’ve been working on it whenever I want to – instead of for a deadline.  It’s very relaxing. 🙂

This screencap is from the lighting check.  I painted it in black and white first to get a good grasp of the values.  I like using this method because I have trouble with lighting, but placing colors on top of grayscale is a struggle. :’)  Even if the colors look good in the end, they aren’t exactly what I envisioned at the start.  Flatting with colors fixes that problem. . . but then I struggle with getting the lighting right.  A conundrum! LOL

More Landscapes in Watercolor

Watercolor mountains.

I’m still playing around with watercolors – though I think I may be confident enough to start with the illustrations soon. 😀  In the meantime, here are all three landscapes I’ve painted in watercolor (including the first one I shared there on the bottom right).  It’s interesting how, by varying the amount of water amount of washes, one can intensify or dull the paint to create depth.

On the bottom left I tried something new: a mountain sunset.  As the day turns to dusk, often one can only see the silhouette of the mountains against a fiery sky.  Unfortunately, I chose to use flat black for the mountains at first – what a mistake! Though I wiped some away and used some blue for highlights, it still didn’t turn out quite right.  Next time I’ll use a dull, gray-ish blue mix for the mountainous silhouette.


Watercolor Galaxies

The landscape I posted last week isn’t the only watercolor practice I’ve been doing. . . I’ve also enjoyed making these galaxies.  They were originally inspired by this tutorial on Youtube:

Unfortunately, this method didn’t work for me exactly.  My paints are less pigmented and have a smaller variety of color – so, for example, I couldn’t use the deep indigo as shown in the tutorial.  I also don’t have any masking fluid.  Nevertheless, Cloud and I developed a new method that layers colors and creates stars through splattering opaque white watercolor paint.  Though this method cannot achieve the intensity as shown in the tutorial – or many other galaxy paintings seen online – I’m very happy with how these turned out.  (^__^)

By the by: I’m thinking of photographing the next galaxy I paint step-by-step and making a tutorial.  Would you be interested in this?  Let me know! 😀

Experimenting with Watercolor: Mountains and Rivers Landscape

Watercolor painting of mountains and rivers, with birds flying above.

Watercolor painting of mountains and rivers, with birds flying above.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been sketching on watercolor paper with the full intent to paint them traditionally, rather than digitally – but I’m a little nervous to start.  What if I ruin it?!  You know the feeling?  With digital art, you always have CTRL+Z, but with watercolors, you can’t change it once you put down the paint.  So nerve-wracking! 💦 💦 💦

I didn’t want to let that feeling hold me back, so I looked up some tutorials on Youtube and started painting some small pictures to break the ice!  This painting of mountains and rivers was made using simple techniques from this video by Mr. Otter Art Studio:

The idea of a simple landscape using washes sounded easy enough for even a beginner!  And it was a lot of fun. 😀  Though, I think I’ll practice a bit more before I try to paint one of the sketches! (^__^);;

And a close-up of the painting:

Have you tried painting with watercolors?  How did you like it?  Let me know in the comments below!