Gemstone Challenge Day 7: The Lady of Rubies (Sketch)

gemstone-challenge-lady-of-rubies-sketch-versionToday’s theme was Ruby!  I debated between several ideas, and settled on the Lady of Rubies, Princess of the gemstone kingdom where her parents, the Diamond Queen and the Onyx King, rule.  The Lady of Rubies is sweet and diplomatic, but she has a cunning side that few know about.  It will serve her well when she rules the kingdom.

Today we have a slight style change.  I’ve actually drawn faces in for several of the other pieces as well, but they’ve been put aside in order to keep with the same style I started with for Garnet.  I’ll probably color all the pieces in that style, or go back and re-color them with faces. . . we’ll see. 🙂


Gemstone Challenge Day 6: The Pearl Moon (Sketch Version)

A lady in Eastern dress views the moon from a tree.

A lady in Eastern dress views the moon from a tree.

Another sketch for the Gemstone Challenge!  I’m quite looking forward to coloring this one in. :3

Today I wanted to try something a little different for the composition. Instead of an actual gemstone, as I’ve done all week, I used a figurative ‘pearl’ – the moon. I think it will be quite pretty painted all in pastel shades. Also, I am not sure how I want to render the leaves, so I just used a preset, textured brush as a placeholder. 🙂

Fun fact: Her outfit and hairstyle are inspire by ancient Chinese court dress, but are by no means accurate!  Historic Chinese costumes are so intricate, flowing, beautiful – I’d like to draw more outfits inspired by these fashions.

Gemstone Challenge: The Emerald Knight (sketch version)

A black-and-white digital sketch of a knight holding a sword with an emerald pommel stone.

A black-and-white digital sketch of a knight holding a sword with an emerald pommel stone. And so the Gemstone Streak Challenge continues with the theme Emerald! So here we have the Emerald Knight, loyal vassal of the Diamond Queen (who I will draw in the future!).  Naturally, the gemstone in the pommel of his sword is an emerald. ^^

Today I was quite busy and only had the energy left to complete the sketch/inked version, so I’ll just post this for now. :3  I may color it tomorrow, if I finish the Pearl-themed entry early, or the poor knight may have to wait until I’ve finished the challenge to gain his colors.  We’ll see!

Gemstone Streak Challenge Day 4: Diamond

A digital study of a cut diamond gemstone.

A digital study of a cut diamond gemstone.Today I took a bit of a breather and decided to do a study rather than a full painting.  Diamonds are fairly reflective, and they fragment the light – that gives them that sparkly effect ✧ – so I had a bit of trouble even with this, haha.  My first few tries were too. . . hmm. . . busy, so I simplified it to get this style!

I’ve had some questions about the program I use, so I’ll mention it here.  All of my recent digital pieces are done in GIMP, though I usually do the sketch by hand.  I know it seems like most artists prefer Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI, but I find that GIMP works for me!

Gemstone Challenge Day 3: Aquamarine

An underwater scene of a mermaid holding an aquamarine gemstone.

An underwater scene of a mermaid holding an aquamarine gemstone.

Today’s theme was Aquamarine, so naturally I had to draw a mermaid! \(^o^)/

This piece took about. . . oh, five hours, I think.  Funny thing, I’ve tried to have a simpler, quicker style with these pieces by using cell-shading and gradients, but each day’s painting takes longer!  Tomorrow I’ll definitely try to cut down on my time.

The surprising time-sink today was the background.  It took forever to blend the colors because with all the layers, GIMP was so. . . . . slow. . . . . Eventually, I created a new file and painted the background by itself, which cut down on time.  Then I imported it into the original file and voila! Nice background in less time. 🙂

My favorite parts today were painting the gem and adding gradients to her hair.  So fun!  And I’m happy with how they turned out.  I may even re-work yesterday’s Amethyst painting to paint her hair more like the mermaid’s hair.

Tomorrow’s theme is Diamond!  Time to start brainstorming. \(^o^)/

Gemstone Challenge Day 2: Amethyst

Gemstone Challenge drawing for "Amethyst".  A mysterious girl holds an amethyst crystal.  She wears a teal dress and a misty gold veil.

Here’s the piece I completed yesterday for the Gemstone Challenge.  Amethyst!  I really wanted to capture the lovely purple of amethysts and the translucency of the gem, so I worked hard on painting the crystal she’s holding.  I’m not sure I “got” it yet, but I feel I’m closer than yesterday!

This time, I tried a lineless style.  Though, actually, it was an accident – I made the lines invisible for a moment to edit something, and I really liked the effect, so I just left them off.  \(^o^)/  Who knows, I might continue the lineless trend for the rest of the challenge! We’ll see.

Putting the lineless style aside, I’m very, very happy with how this piece turned out.  I’m thinking of turning it into a print after the Gemstone Challenge is over and I have some time to breathe.  There are a few things I’ll fix first, of course. Isn’t that always the way it goes? (But I’m not going to tell you what!  See if you can guess. 😛 )

Oh, I should probably also mention sometime that my deviantART account is active now!  As in, I’m actually uploading stuff haha. I’m starting with older art, like the Inktober 2016 drawings and a few pieces I’ve never posted anywhere.  Current drawings will be uploaded too, so check it out if you like!  You’ll be able to see most of my work in one place. \(^o^)/

Today’s theme is Aquamarine, and I should probably get started on that!  See you later!

Gemstone Challenge Day 1: Garnet

gemstone-challenge-garnetToday was the first day of the Gemstone Challenge! The theme was Garnet, so I used that for the color scheme.  I’m not so happy with the background, though; maybe if it were a cooler tone, the garnet necklace would “POP” more.  What do you think?

This piece took 4-5 hours, from sketch to finish.  I tried a different art style today!  There are a few things I might fix later – like adding more highlights and changing the color of the lines so it’s a sofer effect – but I’m happy with it for now.  ^u^

By the by, her dress is inspired by Civil War-era ballgowns!  I really love the fashions from that era, they were decadent and rich without being over-the-top a la Rococo (though, I must admit I love Rococo fashions as well. . . hmm). The original sketch had more of the bodice and skirt, so if I ever decide to redo the pic, you’ll be able to see that as well.

Tomorrow’s theme is Amethyst!  So excited!