Inktober Day 30: Alice’s “Drink Me” Bottles & Chess Pawns

Whew, I’m almost done catching up with my weekend’s work!  Here’s the next batch:

drink-me-inktoberFirst up, we have the Drink Me bottles and the Eat Me chest from Alice in Wonderland!

Alice was one of my favorite stories as a child.  Still is, in fact.  What’s surprising is that it took me this long to draw something inspired by the book!

And this card wasn’t all. Next up we have. . .

chess-pawns-inktober. . . Chess Pawns from Through the Looking Glass!

The two pawns are modeled after my dolls, Japan Ai Clover and Matricaria.  Having a tiny model made them really easy to draw!  The biggest problem was the eyes; making them too realistic resulted in creepy doll eyes, so I had to simplify them a bit.

It seems there are many artworks of Alice in Wonderland, but not so many of Through the Looking Glass. . . or at least not many I’ve seen.  I’d like to see more – do you have any suggestions?

Inktober Day 29: Beta Fish


This weekend was very busy, but I still managed to do a few art cards for Inktober!  These two little betas were fairly quick – and I’m quite pleased with how their fins and tails came out.

I’m also going to count this little guy for Inktober:

beta-sketch-inktoberA quick sketch I made first, to make sure I remembered what a beta looks like!  Even though it was quickly done on my scrap napkin, I’m also pleased with it.  Just goes to show, even quick sketches on a napkin can look wonderful!

Inktober Catch-Up: Nature Art Cards

nature-art-cards-inktoberHere’s a few more art cards for Inktober!

For these, I used my Tombow markers to “paint” the image.  A wash of light gray to block out the image, with darker shading added. . . almost like a watercolor painting!  Since I didn’t sketch the image first, these were very loose and quick – they took between 2-3 hours for the whole lot, drying time included.

This time I used kraft paper art cards.  They stood up to the water-based markers very well, even with blending and layering!  The manila card I used the next day didn’t stand up so well; I’ll post that card later.

My favorite part was adding the fairy-dust-like white sparkles and wind with the Sakura Gelly Roll pen.  Somehow my cards don’t seem finished without a little sprinkle of white!

And with this batch, my Inktober count is up to 17 / 31.  We’re getting there!

Inktober Day 28: Cloud Bakes

cloud-art-card-inktoberFor Day 28 of Inktober, I continued with the art cards!  The first was Cloud, with a cake.  This is a common scene in the webcomic.  She loves to bake. ❤️

Somehow, Cloud’s hair ended up very wavy! It’s a cute look, but not quite canon.  Maybe she slept with braids in?

Inktober Catch-Up: Seasonal Witch Art Cards!

seasonal-witch-art-cardsI had some extra time over the last few days, so I made some extra Inktober pieces on black art cards.  This series is a companion to the Seasonal Witch series I completed today, with a card for every season!

These were pretty quick to do.  I sketched each piece with my Caran d’Ache non-photo blue pencil – they show up surprisingly well on the black art cards!  Then quickly inked over it with my white Sakura Gelly Roll pen.  Unfortunately, it takes about two layers of the Gelly Roll to make a nice bold white.  You can see some patchy spots in the snowflake where I didn’t cover it quite enough.  (Hmm, maybe I should go over it again. . . . )  Even so, they turned out really well!  Especially since it only took about a half an hour each, instead of 2+ hours.

I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow; there’s another small series I’d like to do with other webcomic characters, but I also had a ton of fun with this art cards, so I don’t know!  I guess we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Inktober Days 26-27: Nutmeg, the Witch of Autumn


Rounding out the Seasonal Witch series, we have Nutmeg as the Witch of Autumn!  I would have been done with this image yesterday, but her hands gave me a lot of trouble. orz

I believe this is Nutmeg’s first appearance on this blog!  Nutmeg loves cooking, and she and Cloud can often be found in the kitchen whipping up scrumptious pies, cookies, and cakes. . . which quickly vanish at snack time!

I’m doing something a little different for tomorrow’s post!

Inktober Days 23-25: Kate, the Witch of Summer


For days 23-25 of Inktober, we have Kate as the Witch of Summer!  I can’t think of a season that fits Kate better than summer.  She’s energetic and optimistic – sometimes annoyingly so – so the bright sunlit days of summer match her well!

I’m pretty happy about this picture. . . after seven drawings I’m feeling more confident with ink.  However, I had some issues with my ballpoint pen yesterday.  It stuttered a bit, so I had to go over some lines again. . . including Kate’s mouth, which I had to go over several times.  I’m not happy with how it turned out, but eh, c’est la vie.  We’ll just pretend she’s wearing lipstick (at least until I fix it digitally!)

Next up is the Witch of Autumn!