duality | a haiku

how strange, in summer, under skies robin-egg-blue to feel winter's hand

dreams | a haiku

dreams are made of mist: in reaching out to catch them I fan them away

Shade of a problem

I don't really know what to write and that, itself, is not so much a problem only the shade of a problem.   The problem is thinking "I don't know what to write" and then not writing - only thinking about not writing and not, actually, writing.   Oh dear - what a muddle of … Continue reading Shade of a problem

A Haiku Today is Better than a Sonnet Tomorrow

Or, why I write haiku.

five seven and five choose words by syllable count and a haiku is born ~ ~ ~ Sometimes I want to write but - horror of horrors - I don't know what.  And sometimes, you want to start a new project and finish it quickly.  Especially when I'm working on longer-term projects (too many to … Continue reading A Haiku Today is Better than a Sonnet Tomorrow