Haiku #14: Secrets

Secrets (Haiku #14) by River

secrets kept by trees in the language of flora whispered to the wind ~ ~ ~ Don't you wonder what trees and wind are gossiping about?  If only we could speak that delicate whispery language as well. . . .


Haiku #13: Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes (Haiku #13) by River

wind chimes mark the time (passing sweetly, like the breeze) until we meet again ~ ~ ~ Technically, the six syllables in the last line stretch the limits of haiku a bit.  But what fun is it if you can't break the rules?

Haiku #12: Waiting for Spring

Haiku 12: Waiting for Spring by River

soft rain lullaby winter reluctant to leave when will spring arrive? ~ ~ ~ It's already Spring here, yet we've had a number of chilly rains that bring a cool breath of winter with them recently.  It's quite nice!  Yet when we lived in a colder clime, I remember feeling this wistfulness around this time … Continue reading Haiku #12: Waiting for Spring

Haiku #11: Writer’s Block

where should one journey when inspiration is lost and no clues to find. . . . ~ ~ ~ A very small poem about a very big (or so it seems at times) subject.  The answer?  Nobody knows!  But going somewhere is better than staying stuck.  A little something is better than nothing.  A haiku … Continue reading Haiku #11: Writer’s Block

Haiku #10: Rainy Day

Rainy Day: A Haiku by River

music on the roof playful wind musicians wield water like a song ~ ~ ~ There have been a lot of rainy days lately.  Though the sun hides behind the clouds, the rainsong sounds like a symphony just for us!  And when the rain comes, rain lilies are sure to follow. 🌷