Draw Everything June 2018

Good Morning! by River

Complete: 13/21, Bonus: 0/1 Draw Everything June is an annual improvement challenge by SenshiStock.  This is the second time I've participated!  This year, I decided to make most of the poses concept art for Rondo of the Rising Sun, a project by me and Cloud. I'll be updated this page throughout the month, so check … Continue reading Draw Everything June 2018


"Falling" - An Alice in Wonderland-inspired digital painting by Studio Luminessa's River. Postcard size version.

An Alice in Wonderland inspired piece made in early 2017.  At the time, I spoke of how Falling represented the upper limits of my art level: the pose, perspective, coloring style, and effects were as advanced as I'd ever made them before.  My favorite part is the soft background, which I hope helps emulate the … Continue reading Falling



Heiress was my big free-time project the summer of 2017.  I estimate that this once piece took around 40 hours of work, as I spent so much time re-working and rendering until I was satisfied.  Though there are some possible improvements I can spot now, Heiress was the first time I had managed this style … Continue reading Heiress

Gemstones Streak Challenge

In January 2017 I participated in Heather F.R.'s Gemstones challenge on Streak Club.  For two weeks, participants made artworks based on gemstones.  I tried to finish as many pieces as possible, yet more than half are still sketches. . . Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and I feel that this challenge helped to … Continue reading Gemstones Streak Challenge

Art from the Archives

Kimono & Moon by River

  A collection of artwork I found that I did years ago & never posted.  Kimono & Moon, Great Fire Dragon, Blue Mountain Dragon, and Angel were all sketched traditionally, then inked & painted digitally in GIMP.  Though my style has changed a lot in the meantime, I still look back on these fondly. Enjoy~ … Continue reading Art from the Archives