Sketchtember 2017

(Click on a photo for full size!) My collection of drawings for the Sketchtember 2017 challenge.  I completed 18 / 30 days!  (I totally forgot about it for the first two weeks.  Oops. 💦)  As I'd been neglecting my daily warmup sketches for a few months now, this was a good way to get back … Continue reading Sketchtember 2017


Gemstones Streak Challenge

In January 2017 I participated in Heather F.R.'s Gemstones challenge on Streak Club.  For two weeks, participants made artworks based on gemstones.  I tried to finish as many pieces as possible, yet more than half are still sketches. . . Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun and I feel that this challenge helped to … Continue reading Gemstones Streak Challenge

Draw Everything June II

DEJ2 Day 3: The Violin Fairy. By River on Strike A Spark. Originally created for Draw Everything June 2.

Draw Everything June II was a lot of fun - and better yet, I feel that I improved my skill.  If you want to work on poses, I encourage you to check out SenshiStock's gallery and participate in her next challenge! Original posts here: