Character Profiles

The Rondo of the Rising Sun guild members


Inktober 3 Ruby (Rondo of the Rising Sun)
“Beating the game is useless if we don’t survive. So we have to live.”
  • Age: Early 20s
  • Family: Lazuli (younger sister), Onyx (younger brother)
  • The protective “big sis” and guild leader of the Rondo
  • Prefers to use long-range weapons to stay further away from the fighting, so her primary weapon is a longbow
  • She founded the Rondo as a way for the four of them to support each other and other players while they are trapped in the game world
  • Likes to feel that the situation is under control
  • Hates not knowing where the others are


Inktober 4 Lazuli (Rondo of the Rising Sun)
“Don’t worry!  Let’s just take each day as it comes!”
  • Age: Early teens
  • Family: Ruby (older sister), Onyx (older brother)
  • The “mascot” of the Rondo, the optimistic little-sister type
  • Uses a short-sword for melee fighting
  • Through her optimism and gentle manner, she supports everyone in the guild
  • Wants to go home, but tries not to dwell on it so that she doesn’t bring the others down
  • Hates it when her sister – or anyone, really – has a frown
  • Her best friend is Luna
  • Like cooking and singing


Inktober 5: Tiria from Rondo of the Rising Sun
“We’ve got this!”


  • Age: Early 20s
  • Quest leader of the Rondo
  • The energetic & reliable type
  • Her primary weapon is a spear, because it looks cool
  • Approaches everything she does with determination and enthusiasm
  • She helped Ruby form the Rondo during the crazy first weeks after they were trapped in The Third Turning
  • She prefers the easygoing, supportive vibe of the Rondo to the intensity of the hardcore gamers
  • Her secret skill is crafting


Inktober 6: Luna from Rondo of the Rising Sun
“. . .”


  • Age: Early teens
  • The quiet, reserved type
  • She often hides inside her cloak
  • She can sneak past people without even trying to, but it’s not a skill she enjoys – on the contrary, she actually hates feeling “invisible”
  • Somehow, her stealth stat keeps going up with no effort on her part. . . .
  • Her preferred weapons are thrown weapons like small, swift daggers which allow her to stay further away from the fighting
  • She often goes out materials-hunting with Tiria
  • Lazuli is her best friend

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