Gemstone Challenge Day 12: Turquoise Amulet

A pencil sketch of a child wearing a protective turquoise amulet and bracelet.

A pencil sketch of a child wearing a protective turquoise amulet and bracelet.The birthstone of December, turquoise has also been known for its protective qualities.  I imagine that it’s the perfect gem to create an amulet for those you love, so today’s sketch is of a child wearing a turquoise amulet and bracelet.  They were given to her by her parents and grandparents to protect her when they could not.

Unfortunately, my hand became a little cramped today, so we’re back to posting the pencil sketches.  I’m still planning to complete the Gemstone Streak Challenge, but I’ll probably stop at the pencil sketches for the last two themes as well.  After my hand’s had the chance to rest up, I’ll go back and ink and color them.  It should keep me busy for a little while. ^u^

Today marks the end of the monthly birthstones!  Tomorrow’s theme is Tiger Eye.  I’m looking forward to it!


Gemstone Challenge Day 1: Garnet

gemstone-challenge-garnetToday was the first day of the Gemstone Challenge! The theme was Garnet, so I used that for the color scheme.  I’m not so happy with the background, though; maybe if it were a cooler tone, the garnet necklace would “POP” more.  What do you think?

This piece took 4-5 hours, from sketch to finish.  I tried a different art style today!  There are a few things I might fix later – like adding more highlights and changing the color of the lines so it’s a sofer effect – but I’m happy with it for now.  ^u^

By the by, her dress is inspired by Civil War-era ballgowns!  I really love the fashions from that era, they were decadent and rich without being over-the-top a la Rococo (though, I must admit I love Rococo fashions as well. . . hmm). The original sketch had more of the bodice and skirt, so if I ever decide to redo the pic, you’ll be able to see that as well.

Tomorrow’s theme is Amethyst!  So excited!