Art from the Archives: Angel

Angel, a digital painting by River featuring Cloud's original character Alicia.

Hello hello and welcome to the first in my series that I've suddenly decided to call, "Art from the Archives!"  Basically, old art that I recently found again.  Most of it's never been posted anywhere, and only seen by my family and friends. . . because back when I drew them, I was not posting … Continue reading Art from the Archives: Angel


Tales from New Bruntum: It’s Revived!

Remember Tales from New Bruntum?  You know, the superhero RP I'm doing with my friends?  . . . No?  I don't blame you, the project kind of stagnated for most of last year as we focused on our individual blogs, the Cyber Creations Club, and life in general. This past week, though, we were talking … Continue reading Tales from New Bruntum: It’s Revived!