Art from the Archives: Angel

Angel, a digital painting by River featuring Cloud's original character Alicia.

Hello hello and welcome to the first in my series that I’ve suddenly decided to call, “Art from the Archives!”  Basically, old art that I recently found again.  Most of it’s never been posted anywhere, and only seen by my family and friends. . . because back when I drew them, I was not posting regularly. . . .

AHEM.  Anyhoot, the first piece I’d like to share with y’all is titled Angel.  It features Cloud’s OC Alicia from the Tales From New Bruntum role-play.  It’s one of the few pieces of art I made for that project before it went on hiatus, and I think the only finished one.  The style is very different from my current style, no?

As it’s been a few years since I drew Angel, there are naturally things I’d do different now: more delicate lines, update the style, correct the perspective. . . . The one thing I’m very happy with is the color scheme!  I think the soft tones and gentle shading convey the mood very well. =^__^=

I hope you enjoyed this look into the archives!  Tune in next Friday, when I reveal another piece! XD

Tales from New Bruntum: It’s Revived!

Remember Tales from New Bruntum?  You know, the superhero RP I’m doing with my friends?  . . . No?  I don’t blame you, the project kind of stagnated for most of last year as we focused on our individual blogs, the Cyber Creations Club, and life in general.

This past week, though, we were talking about it, and decided to pick it back up again.  Purin of purin.arisu.cross (aka ~SalvationMachine on deviantART) and Cloud of Cloud’s World Of: have both posted their characters’s next posts, Peanut of the Cyber Creations Club (no, he doesn’t have a personal blog yet) will be entering the fray again soon, and my character Stephanie’s next post is scheduled for this week!  Hopefully we can keep it going this time.

About Tales from New Bruntum

I can’t tell you too much about it yet (we’re in the beginning of the story still), but I can tell you this:  Tales from New Bruntum is a superhero RP about four characters whose lives are changed drastically when they discover they have superpowers.  Alicia Engla, Aurelia Alette, Jackson Creen, and Stephanie Blake will have to decide what side they’re on and who to work with–or against.

Tales from New Bruntum is really, at its core, a project for the four members to have fun writing.  We–or at least I–still welcome readers, though!  My goal is to make Stephanie’s story as fun for you to read as it is for me to write.  However, I have no idea what’s going to happen–it is an RP after all, and I suspect that there might be some crazy twists in the future.

Besides writing Stephanie’s parts, I’m also drawing some illustrations for my posts.  It’s going slowly, but it is going!  Hopefully soon there will be some pretty graphics up on the site for you to enjoy!

Sound interesting?  Why don’t you check it out?  I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about our project!