Art from the Archives: Angel

Angel, a digital painting by River featuring Cloud's original character Alicia.

Hello hello and welcome to the first in my series that I've suddenly decided to call, "Art from the Archives!"  Basically, old art that I recently found again.  Most of it's never been posted anywhere, and only seen by my family and friends. . . because back when I drew them, I was not posting … Continue reading Art from the Archives: Angel


#Sketchtember Day 8: Fairy


Alodie Meadowsweet reporting for adventure! Let's go! We're starting the second week of #Sketchtember!  Here's another character design - today it's a fairy! This young fairy is ready for adventure.  With her strong heart and her friends by her side, Alodie can overcome any challenge! She's not for the webcomic project, but I like her … Continue reading #Sketchtember Day 8: Fairy