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The Bunny Drop Project

What is the Bunny Drop Project?

The Bunny Drop Project is a yarnbombing initiative founded by Danny of Lollipops and Rainbows in 2012.  I joined the project soon after.  The Project’s theme is pretty easy to understand: Basically, we crochet or knit cute bunnies and drop them off anonymously around town for people to find!

Want to join the Bunny Drop Project?

It’s simple:  Make a crocheted bunny (see below for a list of patterns), make a tag and tie around bunny’s neck (optional–see below for Danny’s cute tag), and drop off the bunny somewhere for someone to randomly find.  Also, you can copy this page onto your blog (if you have one) to spread the word. And if you comment here I’ll add your name to the list of members!

Let’s help send bunnies all over the world~!

Bunny Patterns

So far there are five official Bunny Drop Project patterns designed by various people. Feel free to use them to make your own bunnies to yarnbomb. (Please keep in mind that pattern licensing varies by designer, so please be sure to check each page for exact terms–though if it’s listed here it’s fine to use for the Project!)

Danny’s Tiny Bunny Pattern

Danny’s Gumdrop Bunny Pattern

River’s Bigger Bunny Pattern

Claire’s Tiny BDP Bunny

Claire’s World Traveler Bunny

Tag examples:

While tags are optional, they add a nice, finished touch to your bunny and let people know that they’re finders-keepers!  The official tag is was designed by Koko (pictured below).  Feel free to design your own! If you do I’d love to see it~

Designed by Koko~ Click to access the Official Bunny Drop Project page and PDF for printouts!

Designed by Koko~ Click to access the Official Bunny Drop Project page and PDF for printouts!


River (me)

Koko of Lollipops and Rainbows (Visit her official Bunny Drop Project page for a link to a printable version of her adorable bunny tags!)

Cloud of Cloud’s World Of:

Ms. Kim

Cogaroo of Cogaroo Crafts

Additional Links

Official Bunny Drop Project page on Lollipops and Rainbows

19 thoughts on “The Bunny Drop Project

  1. Oh this is Cute.
    Kind of like the little giant thing
    they mentioned at Mueseum of
    Hoaxes –

    If you have the time, check out
    Burlap Cat – A serial on my
    Blog about a ancient stuffed
    animal that keeps appearing
    no matter how much it’s
    owner tries to get rid of it.

    It’s supernatural mystery!
    What does the cat want?


      • I will!

        For three years so far. Admittedly, I wasn’t the best blogger for a while, but I have been posting more regularly recently. How long have you been blogging?


      • At least a few years – I posted a lot at first so
        Visitors to my site would have a lot to look at,
        Then I allowed myself to post less once i had
        more stuff up –

        I see you visited my site.

        What did you think of the Burlap Cat?

        anything I could do to improve it?


      • That’s a great plan–I’ve always loved well-built-up archives. It’s what I’m working on now, actually.

        On the Burlap Cat: I liked the first installment the best–it’s a great stand-alone story–but the next three installments add to the suspense. Honestly, I’m wondering what the train station has to do with everything. Think you’ll answer that in the next section?

        The only thing I can think of to improve it would be to go over it for grammar. There were also a few words that were technically spelled correctly but were incorrect for the sentence. Otherwise, it was really enjoyable. Thanks for telling me about it!


      • I have trouble with thens and thans –
        So I’ll check them first. Thank you
        So much for reading, grammar issues
        are my favorite issues – because they
        are relitively easy to fix.

        I origionally intended it to be a stand
        alone ghost story, but wondered what
        the heck was up with the cat – I feel
        it is trying to get the kids to go some
        where . . . I do have an ending planned –
        it creates a since of finality but like the
        first installment leaves the mystery of
        the cat unsolved 😉

        Thanks again for your help. Let me know
        if there is anything you would like me read –
        so I can return the favor.


      • Glad that I was able to help! Grammar is hard for me to spot, so I like to have some of my friends read my work. The WordPress spellcheck also checks grammar, which helps too.

        I’ll be looking forward to the next installments! How many do you think there will be, total?

        Hm, I don’t have anything right now on this blog. But if you like, you can check out an RP blog I’ve been doing with my friends. It’s at talesfromnewbruntum.wordpress.com. I’d appreciate it if you would look at Stephanie’s posts and tell me how you like them!


      • Sure thing!

        As for Burlap Cat – around four or five more –
        I like to intersperse them with other posts so
        you will probably see another cat every two
        or three posts.

        Once again thanks for reading.


      • This little RP is interesting – I get the impression it
        is in an X-men type universe – no one seems to have
        taken the plunge yet though – but I just read Stephanie’s posts, She is certinly an interesting
        character – I wonder what her secret power is?

        I’ve never encountered an RP before!

        This is interesting – so the characters introduce
        themselves and interact?


      • Yes, it’s intended to be a superhero story! We’re working to make it fun for both the writers and the readers.

        That’s exactly how it works! All the characters react to the events and to what the others did. We’re almost done with the introductions, so the plot should move forward soon.


  2. Saw you read my last post, what did you think of
    the little cardiff gaints – some of that guy’s installments
    are little creepy – one person thought it was voodoo.


    • Sorry I haven’t responded yet–I meant to comment on the actual post. I will, actually, do that also.

      The mini giants are a little creepy and yet really cool. I like the idea, but I think the bunnies are easier!

      Oh, and thanks for featuring the BDP. It’s a lot of fun–are you going to drop off some bunnies?


      • I need to learn how to knit first.

        A figurine would probably be

        easier for me – a clay bunny –

        tee hee – but not as cuddly.

        If left outdoors it could get

        rained on – but a yarn bunny

        could be smooshed into a
        plastic egg – if it was small
        enough – but then plastic is
        not biodegradeable – I guess
        it would have to be an indoor

        I am stroungly considering it.

        I’m one of those people that
        likes to have thair hands occupied
        constantly so – knitting!


      • The plastic eggs are a great idea! And I’m sure that there’s a biodegradable alternative available.

        I’m a little jealous of knitters–it’s seems so complicated. Me, I’ll stick with crochet. 😀


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