Summertime Portraits

Summertime Cloud - a painting by River of Studio Luminessa.

I've been collecting professional artists' markers for a while, but I've always been a little nervous to use them.  Unlike digital art, traditional work - with paints, with pens, with markers - has no "undo" button.  Yes, there are techniques to cover and incorporate mistakes; still, it is nerve-wracking for an artist who grew up … Continue reading Summertime Portraits


Digital Painting “Heiress” – Finished!

"Heiress" by River - watermarked version.

After weeks of work, "Heiress" is finally finished!  ~(˘▾˘~) (~˘▾˘)~ If you've followed along with my progress on "Heiress" from the start, you know that there's been a lot of changes from the beginning.  From a gray-scale lighting test, to adding color (and adjusting it!), to this polished final image, "Heiress" has been both a … Continue reading Digital Painting “Heiress” – Finished!

Superhero (Sketch)

Grayscale sketch of a girl in a cloak.

Playing in GIMP again.  This sketch took around ~30 minutes (threw a couple attempts away first, haha). I like working in blue first for the sketch, even in digital art.  Added some quick grayscale shading to check lighting/values. I intended this to be a fantasy piece, but it looks more like a panel from a … Continue reading Superhero (Sketch)

Heiress – Progress

Work-in-progress image of "Heiress."

Since I posted the grayscale version of "Heiress" last week, I thought it would be nice to show you how far I've come with the colors! I think I mentioned before what a struggle it is to color over a grayscale layer.  As you might expect, the grays make whatever color you paint over them … Continue reading Heiress – Progress

Heiress (Digital Painting WIP)

Work-in-progress digital fantasy portait of an elf lady.

I meant to post this earlier and forgot! Haha.  This piece, "Heiress," evolved slowly from a warm-up sketch, and I've been working on it whenever I want to - instead of for a deadline.  It's very relaxing. 🙂 This screencap is from the lighting check.  I painted it in black and white first to get … Continue reading Heiress (Digital Painting WIP)

How to Paint a Galaxy in Watercolor (Beginner Tutorial)

All done!

Remember these? In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at how to make these galaxy pictures in watercolor!   They're simple to make and look spectacular - my favorite kind of technique. :3  In only three layers of color, and only an hour or two from start to finish (including drying times!), these galaxies … Continue reading How to Paint a Galaxy in Watercolor (Beginner Tutorial)

More Landscapes in Watercolor

I'm still playing around with watercolors - though I think I may be confident enough to start with the illustrations soon. 😀  In the meantime, here are all three landscapes I've painted in watercolor (including the first one I shared there on the bottom right).  It's interesting how, by varying the amount of water amount … Continue reading More Landscapes in Watercolor