Gemstone Challenge, Day 11: November’s Child (Sketch) for Topaz

She said that topazes always reminded her of Autumn, when the maple leaves fell.  It was her favorite season.

She said that topazes always reminded her of Autumn, when the maple leaves fell. It was her favorite season.

Another sketch day. . . .  This piece is more melancholy than most of my works, though I like to think that there is a good side to it as well.  I don’t know if I’ll finish this piece, but I already have a color scheme I’d like to use! Haha.  It goes like this: A cool blue for the wallpaper, either natural wood or painted white for the table, orange for the topaz ring (naturally), and bright red for the maple leaf.  That way, the ring and leaf will hopefully pop!  And I want to color the portrait nicely as well. ^u^

This was inspired by/created for the Gemstone Streak Challenge.

Gemstone Challenge, Day 10: Opal-Eyed Animals

gemstone-challenge-opal-eyed-animals-v1Today’s concept comes courtesy of my mother, who suggested I do animals with eyes like glowing opals.  (Thank you, Mom!)  Here we have a cat, a fox, and a mouse sitting together at dusk, their eyes glowing in the low light.

This piece took me about five hours from start to finish, and it’s the first colored piece I’ve completed in about a week.  It’s actually a crop of the full piece; I wanted to really feature their eyes.  I’m pretty happy with it!  (Though I’m sure tomorrow I’ll think of things I want to change. . . .)  I’m glad I was able to try something a little different!

Now it’s really late and I’m ready for bed!  See you tomorrow for Topaz~

EDIT: I forgot to mention this, oops!  Today I used custom Fur Brushes by Lhuin on dA.  They were free and very cool!  Even though they’re Photoshop brushes, they work in GIMP too; just put them in the Brushes folder like other GIMP brushes (here’s the article that taught me how to do this).  Thank you, Lhuin!

Gemstone Challenge, Day 9: Sapphire Potion

An apothecary holds her sapphire potion up to the light.Yesterday’s theme was Sapphire!  In the past, sapphires were believed to be a medicinal stone.  It was said that they were an antidote to poison, and that it could cure stomachache, colic, and other complaints.*  So here we have an apothecary who has made a sapphire tincture for a patient!  (Hopefully, in her world, it actually works. 😛 ) I really like this character design, so we’ll see if she pops up in a story one day. ^^

I was pretty tired last night, so I was only able to finish the pencil sketch.  Normally, my process goes mechanical pencil sketch –> digital inks –> digital coloring.  If I’m planning to color traditionally (like I did for Inktober), then I’ll use my non-photo blue pencils instead (link to Amazon, review coming soon-ish), but they were expensive and too precious to use if I’m planning to color digitally, haha.  (Also, they’re non-photo blue.  So they don’t scan too well, I hear! XP I should probably try it anyway though, hmm. For science.)

Today’s theme is Opal, and I’m excited to share it with you!  I’m hoping that maybe I can paint it today, depending on when I finish my homework, so it might be uploaded really late tonight.  Keep an eye out!

In the meantime, you should really check out the Gemstone Streak Challenge main page if you haven’t already.  Everyone’s done such awesome work!  Really creative!  And really inspiring, I don’t know if I’d have made it this far if I didn’t have their work to look forward too as well.


Gemstone Challenge Day 7: Peridot Clover (wip)

gemstone-challenge-peridot-clover-sketchToday’s theme was Peridot!  Up until now, I’ve seen each day’s gemstone at least once in-person, but peridot is the first that I don’t think I’ve seen before.  When I looked it up, the cheerful green reminded me of clover flowers, so today we have peridot-colored clover!

I was able to take this piece a bit further than the last three and begin flatting.  I was happy with her hand when I drew it, but now something seems a little off. . . hm. . . I may have to redraw it.  😦  Despite that, overall I’m happy with this piece.  It was a bit of a struggle for such a simple composition, but of course the most important thing is that I sat down and drew it, no?

Gemstone Challenge Day 7: The Lady of Rubies (Sketch)

gemstone-challenge-lady-of-rubies-sketch-versionToday’s theme was Ruby!  I debated between several ideas, and settled on the Lady of Rubies, Princess of the gemstone kingdom where her parents, the Diamond Queen and the Onyx King, rule.  The Lady of Rubies is sweet and diplomatic, but she has a cunning side that few know about.  It will serve her well when she rules the kingdom.

Today we have a slight style change.  I’ve actually drawn faces in for several of the other pieces as well, but they’ve been put aside in order to keep with the same style I started with for Garnet.  I’ll probably color all the pieces in that style, or go back and re-color them with faces. . . we’ll see. 🙂

Gemstone Challenge Day 6: The Pearl Moon (Sketch Version)

A lady in Eastern dress views the moon from a tree.

Another sketch for the Gemstone Challenge!  I’m quite looking forward to coloring this one in. :3

Today I wanted to try something a little different for the composition. Instead of an actual gemstone, as I’ve done all week, I used a figurative ‘pearl’ – the moon. I think it will be quite pretty painted all in pastel shades. Also, I am not sure how I want to render the leaves, so I just used a preset, textured brush as a placeholder. 🙂

Fun fact: Her outfit and hairstyle are inspire by ancient Chinese court dress, but are by no means accurate!  Historic Chinese costumes are so intricate, flowing, beautiful – I’d like to draw more outfits inspired by these fashions.

Gemstone Challenge: The Emerald Knight (sketch version)

A black-and-white digital sketch of a knight holding a sword with an emerald pommel stone. And so the Gemstone Streak Challenge continues with the theme Emerald! So here we have the Emerald Knight, loyal vassal of the Diamond Queen (who I will draw in the future!).  Naturally, the gemstone in the pommel of his sword is an emerald. ^^

Today I was quite busy and only had the energy left to complete the sketch/inked version, so I’ll just post this for now. :3  I may color it tomorrow, if I finish the Pearl-themed entry early, or the poor knight may have to wait until I’ve finished the challenge to gain his colors.  We’ll see!