Draw Everything June 2018

Good Morning! by River

Complete: 13/21, Bonus: 0/1

Draw Everything June is an annual improvement challenge by SenshiStock.  This is the second time I’ve participated!  This year, I decided to make most of the poses concept art for Rondo of the Rising Sun, a project by me and Cloud.

I’ll be updated this page throughout the month, so check back later to see more!

Inktober 2017

JUMP! ft. Chiyo by River on Strike A Spark

For Inktober 2017, I managed to finish thirteen drawings!  (Ooh, unlucky thirteen. . . ?  I prefer to think of it as “lucky  thirteen!”)  During this month, I was also able  to do some concept art for my NaNoWriMo project, Rondo of the Rising Sun.

You can also check out each picture at my deviantART portfolio.