Cotton-Candy Clouds in Watercolor

Clouds in Watercolor. Tutorial by makoccino on YT.

Fluffy cotton-candy clouds are so fun to paint!  This time I followed a tutorial by makoccino (Youtube).  Using an opaque white paint over watercolor achieves a dreamy effect. (Mako recommended using gouache, but I used an opaque white tempura watercolor tube I had on hand, and it worked well!) It would be a useful way … Continue reading Cotton-Candy Clouds in Watercolor


Haiku #16: Storm

Storm (Haiku #16) by River

until the rain falls let's wander in the forest in dusky twilight

Tree in Watercolor

Tree in Watercolor

Another watercolor practice following a Shibasaki tutorial.  This time it's a tree made by layering colors from light-to-dark, using a big brush for naturally scattered leaves, and painting in the trunk and branches last. Self-analysis: Too much water on the brush, branches are too thick (use a thinner brush?), splotches on grass are the result … Continue reading Tree in Watercolor

Haiku #15: Flight

Haiku #15: Flight. rustles in the leaves / a squirrel leaps suddenly / a moment in flight

rustles in the leaves a squirrel leaps suddenly a moment in flight ~ ~ ~ As the weather warms up, squirrels play in the sun and blithely leap from tree to tree.  The distance is shockingly high (for their size), but they seem quite comfortable!  Mid-leap, silhouetted against the sky, it looks like they are … Continue reading Haiku #15: Flight

Strawberries in Watercolor

Strawberries in watercolor.

In March we picked up watercolors again.  Watercolor is a fun medium: the vibrant colors, the interesting way that the colors spread on paper.  The techniques are totally different than digital art (naturally), yet somehow simpler and easier to apply. I painted these strawberries following a tutorial on Youtube by Shibasaki.  I tried three times.  … Continue reading Strawberries in Watercolor