Plotober Is Almost Here!

Plotober graphic. Made by River using photo resource from Mark Levin.

As my friend Rachel of DreamcatcherBJD just reminded me, Plotober is almost here!  Are you excited? What is Plotober, you ask? Plotober is a month dedicated to plotting stories!  Whether you are preparing for NaNoWriMo or just trying to get your ideas on paper, Plotober is a great way to develop your story and world.  … Continue reading Plotober Is Almost Here!


It’s Time for a Change

Lately, I haven't been posting as much as I would like.  There are a number of possible reasons for this: I'm not currently participating in a challenge (which also conveniently drives up the posting rate); my work is currently not ready to be posted; I've been focused more on story planning than writing or drawing … Continue reading It’s Time for a Change

Character Portrait: Cloud’s Li Shui Jiao (Lineart Version)

Kisekirin MYO Lineart Version - Cloud's Li Shui Xiao, lineart by River. Kisekirin are a closed species by Nakitani on deviantART.

I'm back from my little break!  Thank you everyone for the warm wishes last week. My arm is doing better now and I'm revving up again. (^u^)  Cloud and I were able to develop some backstory and world info for Rondo of the Rising Sun during my break, so I'm excited to continue working on … Continue reading Character Portrait: Cloud’s Li Shui Jiao (Lineart Version)

Draw Everything June: Final Round-up!

Chained Angel (sketch / inks) by River on Strike A Spark

Welcome back to my last round-up for this year's Draw Everything June challenge!  This is a catch-up for the final week, with poses #17-21 (plus the bonus meme again). In the last week of June, my stress injuries in my elbow and wrist flared up again. (I have cubital tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.) Rather than … Continue reading Draw Everything June: Final Round-up!

Draw Everything June: Week 3 Round-Up!

Week 3 of Draw Everything June upped the ante with a number of challenging poses: forced perspective, a bird's-eye-view reference, and two group poses. Monday kicked it off with a pose that was absolutely perfect for Luna.  Last time I drew her, she was feeling sad and lonely; finally we get to see her in … Continue reading Draw Everything June: Week 3 Round-Up!

Character Portrait: Xiao Lian Hua

Ryuu-Goi MYO Lian Finished SMALL - cropped version

I've been working on this character design since May, lately in-between Draw Everything June drawings.  I'm so pleased I can finally share it! This is Xiao Lian Hua ("Little Lotus Blossom"), called Lian for short.  She's sweet, elegant, and a little spoiled. (✿´‿`) For Draw Everything June I've been using a limited palette to save … Continue reading Character Portrait: Xiao Lian Hua

Draw Everything June: Week 2 Round Up!

Archer by River.

It's already halfway through the Draw Everything June challenge.  Whew, this week went by quickly! Featuring a (currently unnamed) side character from Rondo of the Rising Sun.I was at a slight disadvantage this week as I was still two poses behind.  It's better to not worry too much about things like that, though, so I … Continue reading Draw Everything June: Week 2 Round Up!