#Sketchtember Day 27: Coven

Hexx Coven conceptWitching hour? Please.  Our time lasts much longer than that.

This sketch took several hours, and I’m still not quite happy with it. :/  Oh well.  The important thing is that it’s (kinda) finished, right?

(I started color tests for this piece also, so I may post that tomorrow, depending on how it goes. 🙂 )

#Sketchtember Day 26: Witch

Witch sketch watermark versionA wizard duel? Count me in.

Today’s art for #Sketchtember was originally an idea for an outfit, rather than a character.  But. . . by the time I finished drawing, her character was decided.  orz

The inspiration was “witching hour” and “circus”.  Not that she’s a circus witch; more that her outfit should have a faint feeling of a circus, of fantastical, amazing things, and some of the design is influenced by circus-y things.  Like her skirt, which evokes the Big Top stripes.

As I was drawing, I thought that she looked a little like a stage magician. And she sort of evolved from there: A sassy girl who works as a magician by day, but (surprise surprise) is literally a witch and monster-hunter!  (Or something like that.)

Only four days left, and then it’s Inktober. . . !

#Sketchtember Day 25: Hug

Hug watermark verCareful, Cloud!

Here you can see what I mean when I say my digital sketches are messy, haha.  And this was after I cleaned up a bit using the eraser tool!  Even though the clean inks look nicer, I like the energy present in early sketches, so I decided to post this today. ♥ It needs a bit more work before inking, I think.

Today features comic!River and comic!Cloud.  Their designs have been set for. . . six years now?  So they’re pretty easy to draw, even with my recent style change. ♥  Can you guess what kind of animal ears they have?

#Sketchtember Day 24: Cat

Cat sketch watermark versionMeow.

Here’s another animal sketch to go with these from a few weeks ago! I can’t beleve there’s less than a week left for #Sketchtember, I have to start preparing for Inktober soon.  And I need to start plotting for NaNoWriMo soon, so October is going to be very busy. >_<

Hope you have a good weekend!

#Sketchtember Day 23: Nora

nora-sketch-wAren’t we all just pieces on a chessboard?

(Caption courtesy of Cloud!)

Another digital sketch!  Today’s picture exists because I felt like drawing something cute.  But Cloud’s caption makes it seem a little more intense, doesn’t it?

I spent maybe 2.5 hours on this piece. . . ?  It’s actually not a sketch so much as the inks, ready for coloring!  I could have posted the actual sketch instead, but I work messier digitally than on paper. . . so I spent extra time cleaning it up.  (I cleaned-up yesterday’s sketch the same way.)  But now that I look at it again, a few things seem a little off, so I might give it another pass before it’s colored.

I also wanted to mention that I used a reference photo from Senshi Stock today!  This one, to be precise!  If you need reference photos, you should check out Senshi Stock’s gallery, she’s got an amazing selection with poses for tons of different situations & angles.

Until tomorrow~

#Sketchtember Day 22: Rainy Day

Rainy Day watermark versionJust another rainy day.

Posting just in time!  Whew!

Today I worked digitally for a change of pace.  I feel like my style is very different in digital versus with a paper and pencil!

I’ve just realized that this sketch has a similar vibe to “Pensive” from day 4.  With autumn just ’round the corner, I’m longing to curl up with a good book, which may have something to do with it.  Are you looking forward to autumn?

#Sketchtember Day 21: Color Test

CQ&C Color Test

Today I thought I’d share some color tests Cloud and I made.  These are the two main characters for our upcoming webcomic: River and Cloud!  Comic versions of us, anyway, haha.  As I’ve said before, if you’ve been following me for a long time, you may recognize them from our now on-hiatus project, Chibi Chronicles.  It feels great to be working with these characters again. ❤

We are trying to decide how we want to color the comic, so we tested colored pencils.  To be honest, I’m thinking that we’ll probably go the digital route, but it was fun to color traditionally for a change.  Too bad my camera and editing skills didn’t live up to the task of capturing the color well.  I’m going to have to work on that. . . .