Inktober Days 18-21: River, the Witch of Winter

river-the-witch-of-winter-inktoberAt this point, I’ve completely abandoned the Inktober prompt list and am doing what I like!  (The tree doesn’t count, it was supposed to be a warmup.) First up is River as the Witch of Winter!  Despite having dominion over the coldest season of the year, she’s bundled up warmly.

This was a pic that took a ridiculously long time.  It was already sketched on the 17th, when I last posted, and I finished (?) it up today when I finished her eyes (. . . because I almost forgot and made her look soulless.  :(  )

Next up is the Witch of Spring~!

#Inktober Days 13-14: Worried

writers-block-inktoberNutmeg: Um, is River okay?

Kate: Don’t worry!  It’s just writer’s block.

River: Just writer’s block, huh?  Why don’t YOU try it sometime?

Have you ever had someone brush off your artistic troubles like, “Oh, it’s just writer’s block”?  It’s only happened to me a couple times: once from a friend who had literally no idea what she was implying, and once from a fellow writer who DID and was trying to cheer me up in a “Suck it up, buttercup” way.

. . . It didn’t help.

But I’ve been through it enough that I can laugh at it now.  And I’ve been tempted to say those very words a time or two.  It sure looks different when you’re the one who is doing great and your friend is blocked, huh?  But you have to remember that all the little tricks in the world won’t necessarily help; they’ve got to find their own way to unblock it.


This one actually took three days!  I started the sketch on the 12th, as soon as I was done with that day’s drawing, and worked on it whenever I had a few moments until I put the finishing touches on it on the 14th.  Not quite as long as the tree!  (But this one was more fun.)

And even though I probably don’t need to say this by now: It’s more concept for the webcomic!  I really like the little panel on the right, it somehow makes it feel like a comic instead of a print.  (But I wanna do more prints tooooo~)

Now that we’re all caught up on completed drawings, it’s back to work on the next one!  I have two WIPs, and know what I want to do for the next couple  as well, so gotta go work work~!

#Inktober Days 11-12: Faster

fast-inktoberCloud: “It’s not going to cook any faster if you stare, you know.”

Aaaand  we’re back to complicated drawings!  For days 11 and 12 of Inktober I did some concept for our upcoming webcomic. Though it took me two days to complete, I had a lot of fun.

Have you ever had a moment when you wished you could make something cook faster through sheer force of will?  Unfortunately, it never seems to work. . . or rather, it seems to backfire and make the time go slower. . . and slower. . . and s l o w e r. . . .  It can’t just be me, right?

Today was the first day I tried the Caran d’Ache non-photo blue sketching pencil!  It was really easy to draw with, soft and smooth and doesn’t smudge when you rest your hand on it.  I’ve been using it ever since instead of my normal mechanical pencil 💝 – though I’ll probably go back to mechanical pencil after Inktober when I’m just sketching with no intention to ink.

Of course I knew that it wouldn’t show in a photo, but I was still surprised somehow. . . it’s really different hearing about something vs seeing it yourself.  (Though, you can kind of see it where I drew over it. . . guess that changed the tone enough.)

#Inktober Day 7: Witch

witch-inktober🎵 A good broom really is the only way to travel! 🎵

I learned my lesson from stippling that terrible tree and did a simple drawing for Day 7.  A young witch out for a ride!

. . . I really should have added speed lines.  *facepalm*

Even besides the lack of speed lines, I don’t feel this one is finished.  I’d like to add something in the background. . . maybe the classic-night-sky-with-moon shot.  I didn’t shade it for that, though, so I don’t know which direction I’ll take it.

I did get to try out my Sakura Gelly Roll pen for the first time that day, though, and fell in love!  It made the market bleed a little though; I suspect the Sakura pens are water-based, and as the Tombow markers are water-based too, that would explain it.  It doesn’t seem to be an issue if you let the Tombow ink dry really really well and work quickly.

This was my quickest Inktober drawing to date, as well as the smallest.  I think it only took about four hours all told.

Even though I’m really slow at inking and coloring, I’m having a ton of fun with Inktober!  So I’ll do my best until the end.

#Inktober Days 2-6: Tree

Inktober Days 2-4: Tree

This was how my #Inktober began: With a tree warmup.

So I saw this cool gif* on Twitter of an artist using stippling to draw a tree.  It was amazing how alive that tree looked with just black ink.  I decided to try it. . . and it was just going to be a warmup, right?

Cut to: Four days later, when I finally finished that darn tree.


I don’t think I want to stipple anything ever again. . . .

(Now watch as I fall in love with the effect of stippling, and decide that I will do a whole comic in this art style.  Haha.)

The trunk looked a little bare when it was one, so I decided to  a little shading with my new Tombow markers.  They’re so much fun. ❤️

*Couldn’t find it again, sorry! I’ll link it when I do.

#Sketchtember Day 30: Sign

TeaserAlmost done~!

Whew, it’s the last day of #Sketchtember!  And it looks like River and Cloud are working on something. . . but it’s not quite ready yet!  So please wait a little longer~

Today’s sketch s wonderfully meta, as we continue to work on our webcomic!  Hopefully we can announce the title and launch date soon.  In the meantime, keep an eye on this blog and my Twitter as we head into Inktober~!

#Sketchtember Day 29: Magician

Cards 1 sketch watermarked

Do you dare to see what’s in the cards?

More of Miss Magician for #Sketchtember!  She’s so fun to draw, she might show up a lot during Inktober too. . .  I mean, just look at that smirk!

I’m not entirely happy with this sketch either.  I know how I want to draw, but my skills aren’t good enough yet. . . . it’s a little frustrating.  Gotta level up fast!

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I used a reference for this sketch!  Another great Sailor Sakky pose: