A Haiku Today is Better than a Sonnet Tomorrow

Or, why I write haiku.

five seven and five choose words by syllable count and a haiku is born ~ ~ ~ Sometimes I want to write but - horror of horrors - I don't know what.  And sometimes, you want to start a new project and finish it quickly.  Especially when I'm working on longer-term projects (too many to … Continue reading A Haiku Today is Better than a Sonnet Tomorrow


How to Be a Writer

With the profusion of articles out there covering the proper way to write, this is a question that Cloud and I have been discussing a lot lately.  There are books on what kind of stories to write, how to write them, and (more importantly) how not to write them; articles on which words are en … Continue reading How to Be a Writer

Watercolor (Haiku #22)

Adding bigger stars with white paint and the round brush.

my brush is a wand with water and paint it makes something from nothing ~ ~ ~ Art has always seemed like a type of magic, and brushes are like magic wands.  How else can you explain how a picture appears on a blank piece of paper? Today's image is from my "How to Paint … Continue reading Watercolor (Haiku #22)

Mourning Doves (Haiku #21)

Mourning Doves (Haiku #21)

for whom do they sing? the mourning doves, lamenting under clear blue skies

Spotlight (Haiku #20)

clouds, heed me: tonight reveal the full moon, spotlight for fairy revels ~ ~ ~ Before I knew it, we have already reached haiku #20!  Small steps really do add up over time.  Thanks for joining me on this easygoing haiku journey.  I hope you'll continue with me as we see where the Muse leads … Continue reading Spotlight (Haiku #20)