Any advice for photography lights?

Usually when I take a photo of a traditional painting, it’s hit-or-miss whether it will look good or not.

Flower sketch
Good. . . .
. . . and not-so-good. :/

That’s not very satisfying. :/

There is nothing wrong with my camera (Canon PowerShot SX530 HS), so the next suspect is lighting.  Of course, natural sunlight is best, but there’s no guarantee that the sun will shine when you need to take a picture.  The next best thing is using studio lights.

I’ve been doing some research and found a couple that might work.  I’m a hobbyist, not a pro.  A beginner set is fine.  I want to experiment with studio photography and use it for my hobby as well, so if it has a few different lighting options, is easy to set up, and looks (relatively) good when photographed, then I’ll be satisfied.

This one by LimoStudio might work (link to Amazon). It has good reviews, is less expensive than some others that I’ve looked at, and comes with a backdrop set (for studio photography).  There’s other options too, of course.

I know some of you are way more experienced with photography than I am, so what’s your advice?  How do you get nice lighting in your work?  I’d appreciate any pointers you can give me! (>.<)


7 thoughts on “Any advice for photography lights?

  1. I really hope you have already found some good lighting? For me I don’t have that much experience with photographing drawings. But I knwo people who work with lightboxes. So that you have an even lighting inside of it. I don’t have a lightbox myself. But can think of one of my smaller light like a pad panel on a stand or something similar? (which you might also use for general phptography).

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    1. Thanks for your advice, Yureya! I’d like to make a lightbox one day for doll photography, it seems like it would be helpful. Otherwise I am still looking at options. A panel light on a stand would work, I think. At this point, any lighting would be better than no lighting. . . . ¯_(ツ)_/¯


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jenn! 😀
      So you use apps to improve your photographs? Which apps do you use? I use GIMP on my computer, which helps some but I’m not very good at digital editing yet. :/

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